Hello all,

Just getting a bit of a jump start on my  New Year. I feel as though I need to be proactive in making my life a much more happy place! Deciding that, instead of punishing myself for my past year’s indiscretions (of which there are many), I am doing a “ME YEAR LIST!”

My life, such that it is, has been less than exciting, happy, or bright. Lots of dark moments, plenty of hangovers, and more than my fair share of missteps. GEEZ, I’m not selling this at all!

Ok! So truth is, the last year has been rather a mess. Relationships found, and lost. People met, and missed. Bad habits picked up, and one or two I’m now trying to get rid of! Ugh! Seriously,  wtf was I doing…uhm…well… we shall get into that later.

For the moment, let’s simply say I’ve made mistakes. However, instead of hurting myself further,  I’m doing good things -FOR ME- to move past the less than lustrous highlights.

In this (hopefully) ongoing diatribe of debauchery,  I will expose some of my weaker moments, share some sadness, open some eyes, hurt some feelings (any, and all actual people included here will be given codenames), and possibly come to terms with the lost happy person inside me.

On to The List…

1) Start journal-y thing, in which to bleed out all emotions. Gods know I’m having difficulty opening up to my therapist!

2) Write more frequently.  Obviously,  I need the practice!

3) Save a bit more money. Really hated getting caught short this holiday season!

4) Get some dental work. Just a bit of straightening, and whitening. Nothing else is really necessary,  thankfully!

5) New Job! Needed to help with #3, as well as feeling less than appreciated at my current post!

6) Start accupuncture.  My neck and back really need some help, and I’d really rather avoid drugs. I’m no fan of needles! This should be interesting!

7) Get my kids in therapy. Let’s face it, I’ve probably screwed them up beyond repair, might as well get started on making it up now!

8) Do more around the house. I really do need to pick up the slack!  I’ve really let things fall off, and my counterpart has been doing more than his fair share of dishes!

9) Drink some good champagne.  Yes, that’s right in all my 30+ years I’ve never once had champagne. I think it’s time I had a drink, don’t you! ? Suggestions welcome,  as to which is good.

10) Get tattooed over my cutting scars. Yeh…nasty habit, veiled in art. Two truths in that, as I haven’t a single tattoo….yet! Everyone (including my mother) has one! Peer pressure, not really…later I’ll delve into my logic.

Wish me luck, and Happy ME YEAR! 🙂


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