“It’s Not Like I Have a Blog…”


We giggled and laughed, at my “four-star” rating of his performance. Wearing my blindfold, lying naked next to him on the bed, ensuring that I could not see him. Even if we had both just had an amazing time, he was still a bit trepidatious. It was a HUGE risk, and the mystery, the anonymity was indeed worth it! For me at least…I have yet to find out if he harbors any regret.

Though, I hope that he accepts it as the wonderful experience it was.
I still don’t know his name, nor does he know mine. I only saw his face just before he left, and I thoroughly enjoyed the view. I have no idea what he thought of my looks. However, judging from his obvious arousal, I like to think he was pleased!

I was sad when the night was over. But, all good things must come to an end. I’m still sore, and showing marks. All of which I relish! The memories are going to linger far longer. And at least, we left smiling.

I truly hope that his feelings over this are the same. I view it as a meeting of two people,  to enjoy a night of fun. While we were intimate, it was simply for the purpose of feeling sexual release. It wasn’t meant to be anything more. And I had an absolutely fantastic time! I cannot stress that enough!

He is one I would love to have more of those nights with. This was a no strings situation. A no drama agreement.  I don’t like complications, and I don’t want to complicate things for anyone else.  He likes that about me. Hell, I like that about me!

I do not feel guilt or regret over what we did. It was wonderful, no one should feel guilt over moments of happiness, when no one else is being hurt. It’s my opinion (and I realize alot of people would disagree with me), that joy is to be experienced as often as possible.  And joy should not produce regret.

I do not subscribe to any form of organized religion, but in my limited experience,  even people who do hurt others, very rarely pay for it in any kind of karmic way. Call me crazy,  but there is already enough emotional baggage clogging up everyone’s psyche. I don’t allow things like this to pollute my energy. I have enough pain and actual trauma to deal with.

I smile when remembering him. I linger on memories of him kissing me, touching me, entering me. All of which wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t taken that enormous risk! I love it! I love me!


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