Mystery Returns!


After weeks of silence,  I was sure he’d felt guilt over our shared joy. I assumed he’d been completely unsatisfied. My mind rolled negative ideas around, swirling and coiling them into a storm of regret. I had not wanted either of us to feel anything but ease and release. And yet, this uncertainty lingered.

It bothered me. To think I had given him an unsatisfactory performance.  I held myself to such high standards. Never leave a man unsatisfied. Never let him think you were unsatisfied. Never stop until he was drained. I thought I had fulfilled all requirements.  He certainly did well to hold his own, in my eyes. However, I felt as though I had let him down.

“New Message”…

Hope renewed! He wanted more. He asked for supplemental material on which to feed his need. And reaffirmed my belief that we both enjoyed our night together. I admit, I smiled knowing I had not failed him, or myself. An experience he very much wanted to repeat. Though,  he asked for something I never assumed he’d want.

Not emotion. Not my name. My face. He wanted a picture of my face! I had not expected that! My boobs, my ass, maybe he’d be so bold as to ask for a quick shot of my cha-cha. But no, my face?

It finally dawned on me that he had not seen my face, not completely at least. I had my eyes covered, arguably my best feature. And now, he too would see their glory. He was not disappointed. He repayed my gift with one which reflected his appreciation, quite effectively…mmmm…Magnum indeed!

I blushed, momentarily.  Then regained my composure, and presented him with more visual stimulation. I’ve never left a man disappointed. I refused to start now. A picture, hastily taken, of the marks he left on me. Marks I cherished for as long as possible.  He enjoyed seeing his mark on me. Most men do. But his approval held more weight.

Not that I hold emotion for him. How could I? I don’t even know his name. But, I do care what he thinks of our encounter. I was renewed when he suggested another encounter, when/if the opportunity presented itself.

I know there isn’t a relationship here. And I know neither of us would want one. Yet, we both enjoy the play. I can only wonder at what any future meetings will hold. The very idea of it, brings more debauchery and delicious sin to mind.

I hope I live up to the challenge. 😉


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