3 a.m. And I simply don’t give a f#&k!

It’s been a while since I was here. Perhaps, I should come back more often. My therapy seemed to be working more effectively  when I did.

I started meds for anxiety and depression, no surprise. However, the side effects are kinda weird. I’m tired all day, and awake all night. So I switched the time of day that I take them. Yet again, I’m sleeping  all day and up all night.

I need a night job, I honestly believe that’s the best solution. Plus, my family could certainly use the extra money.

These pills are basically running my life, and I hate it!

So, let’s see….WB is gone forever. And SF’S wife found out about us. Needless to say, she was not pleased.  He created a new account so he could talk to me, of course she found that as well.  I basically shut him out of my life.  It hurt….no, it still hurts. But that was clearly never going to work out good for anyone. And I was done hiding.

I got  back on fet for a couple weeks. I started talking to a few guys. I kinda clicked with each of them in different ways. One, RB, has such an amazing outlook on life and I enjoy his sense of humor. We are planning to meet up next month. Another lives a few states away. But he seems like a really good guy. He’s lived an interesting life, and I enjoy hearing all his stories. And last, but certainly not least, is a guy who lives near me. He’s a single parent, and understands the  challenges of raising a child with disabilities. He has such an adorable smile, and from what I’ve seen of his body, um….yummmy! We are meeting this weekend.  I’m very excited, very nervous. I am giving all his info to my best friend, including  his picture, just on the off chance he is a creep. I really hope he isnt. I enjoy our talks, and he seems like a nice guy.

However, with my luck, it seems like every man is the exact opposite of what he claims to be. I suppose we shall see.

The really odd thing is, my counterpart and I are getting along much better. Most likely  the result of my lowered  expectations. But he has been more helpful, and we have been having more sex. I guess we shall see where this goes as well.

I can’t  really complain about anything. I’m getting tons of sleep. My meds make me not give a fuck about anything, so I’m not having panic attacks. And my sex life is not that bad. So for now, I’m just being honest with myself.  I’m a slut, and I embrace it.

I’m  a shameless, adulterous, woman. And I actually like me! 🙂

Oh! P.s. if anyone wants a kitten, I have 5 who need a home! 😉


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