I don’t know what to do anymore.

Driven to extreme measures, I’ve exhausted  every conceivable idea I could have. Every attempt to open my h up to new ideas, or even to get comfortable  talking about his ideas with me, all have ended with his constant insistence that I give him everything he wants.

But that can’t be true. Every man always wants SOMETHING more. Wives are a burden. We nag. We complain. We age. It’s an old stigma, and I’m sorry to say that I know it’s true. Men want threesomes, and porn grade sex. The fantasy, and the mistress.

I don’t know what else to try. So I gave him one month of complete sexual freedom. Anyone he wants, go for it. I only asked that he be safe.

He is scared, thinks I’m trying to set him up for something.  But, I honestly want him to experience more. Experiment, play with all those ideas in his head, realize what he’s missing out on. Then come back to me, and see where we are, how we feel.

I can’t force him into it. But I did tell him to do it. Now it’s up to him.


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