She stepped into the crowded bar scanning the faces for the one that would make her heart skip a beat. In truth it skipped several when he smiled at her. The place was enormous, so much bigger than she was comfortable with, and searching for him might take more time than she would like. He was in here; the text she got said so. The search had to begin. She steadied her nerves, took a deep breath, and pushed her way into the teeming mass of inebriated strangers.

Boasting a vibrant atmosphere, live music, and an ample 347 affordably priced imported beer labels, this two storey establishment was a favorite for most of the cubicle cliques within a 5 block radius. The actual bar was set into the far wall, several bartenders were frantically racing on the other side of the partition filling orders and earning tips.

She decided to begin there. She could get a drink, calm her shaking body, and continue the search. She wasn’t overly fond of crowds, and the idea of shouting everything to whomever you connected with, just seemed idiotic!

Seeking his face and pressing into one strange, drunken, sweaty body after another, was not exactly how she would have liked to spend this evening. In fact, there was only one sweaty body she wanted to be pressed against, and she still had to find him in this tangled mess of people. Her purpose was clear, and she began to slowly make her way to the far wall. She knew he was here, and that was the only thing driving her onward.

She wanted to surprise him, and she had taken great care to make certain she did just that! New clothes, new hair, and a very expensive trip through the lingerie shop, were all the armor she needed. The game she devised depended on his surprise, and playing the part of someone new. As herself, she never would have come out into a very public place dressed like a hooker with a day pass! Tonight, she was a new woman, and she was beginning to feel the power of this new life. Hiding inside another person was so much better than being yourself, and she was beginning to understand the appeal. She needed an alter ego, a name to go with this new identity.


It was fun, unique, exciting!


Sephie took a slow cleansing breath, and after a few more seconds managed to reach the bar. She stepped up and ordered a Diet Coke. The bartender rolled his eyes as he began to shuffle off to fill the disappointing order. He returned, and set the glass on the bar, then motioned for her to take it. Sephie dipped her fingers into the black lace that barely held her breasts, and pulled out a crisp folded $20. She tucked it into the rolled sleeve of his white oxford, holding his gaze with her navy colored eyes, and slid the tips of her fingers down over the length of his arm, then over his hand and middle finger, suggestively. It was a gentle touch, but highly effective. His attitude changed so quickly, and the power of that change was just the fuel she needed. She smiled and sipped her drink, then turned to allow the next patron access to the bar. As she walked away she swished her hips a bit more than she would ordinarily do for a stranger whom she knew was looking intently. But it felt so good!

Again, on the search, she scanned the crowds of people mixing their drinks with heavily lubricated conversation. Sephie felt a warm feeling growing, and loosening her body, relaxing away tension, and raising her awareness. In an instant she was fully enveloped by this new person she had invented, and realized that she thoroughly enjoyed the game she played. It was just as much, if not more, fun than she wanted it to be for him.

She had not seen a single trace of him, but she decided that this game was too much fun to stop so early in the evening. She stepped into private conversations, disturbing the circles as she utilized her genetic gifts, and garnered looks from men, and more than a few sneers from the women. She knew she was fairly attractive, and enjoyed using her natural attraction to gain some attention. She had never shied away from snippets of attention, but she liked to regulate the kind of attention. This was so delicious! She was beginning to understand the “high” He referred to when they talked about going out.

“Excuse me”, she smiled, and flashed those man-crippling eyes as she bounced her breasts off the bicep of one of the many attractive men littered throughout the bar. Then she slowly turned and continued her quest, leaving that guy with a stab of disappointment. It felt amazing to know there were a stranger’s eyes watching her walking away. Her inner demon giggled shamelessly.5_sierpien_2009_848


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