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He had been waiting for over an hour, wondering when she would show that beautiful, smiling face. He knew what she had planned…sort of, and he had been eager to assist. What guy wouldn’t want to help HER with this kind of adventure! Hell, ANY adventure she thought up was fun! He had never been disappointed when she called him. He had always been amazed that someone so afraid of social contact was so inventive and skilled, when it came to sheet sports.

His last text to her was sent about 15 minutes ago, and he was sure he would have seen her by now. Normally she would have told him to come out to her, or meet at her place. This was a whole new situation. He sat at a table surrounded by co-workers, each one trying to figure out who they might hook-up with tonight. He knew who he would be going home (or to a nearby hotel), with.

He knew her general plan, but not the details. She wanted a night of no-strings sex, but she loved to play her games. No matter the outcome, no matter the occasion, she was an absolute master at games. It was one of the many things that made his arrangement with her so exciting! You never knew what to expect, and she was always ready for anything. ANYTHING!

There were so many things a guy could enjoy about her. Her attitude about sex being the primary reason he entered into this arrangement, in the first place. She didn’t want to “play house”. She didn’t need anyone to take care of her, and she never expected to hear the dreaded L- word! In fact, few rules applied to their situation, but one thing was made very clear by both of them; this was not a relationship, it was an arrangement.

She enjoyed her freedom, and he knew she preferred her quiet privacy to vibrant social settings. She was never comfortable being leered at, and the men always looked at her. She truly didn’t know how much it happened, but she was very insecure about her looks, and carefully avoided public settings, whenever possible. He however, loved the high he got from suggestive conversations with a stranger, and stolen kisses in the dark corners of the night.

He never asked her to change, and she reciprocated by never asking for more than the occasional night or weekend exploit. Sometimes, leaving her was so much harder than he was willing to admit. More than once, he caught himself before he suggested they move in together, after a particularly fulfilling weekend in her bed.

Tonight was promising to be a game changer. She rarely left the safety of her “cave”. She was an extremist when it came to privacy and personal matters, and their arrangement was classified information. This new game could be a sign that she was ready to make other changes. Surprisingly, he found that that idea didn’t scare him in the least.

Ordinarily, he would meet her at a place of her choosing, and she would have the night’s festivities planned to the last detail. But meeting at his favorite bar? With a hundred strangers, and not even knowing when she would arrive? It was completely out of character for her. Completely took him by surprise when she suggested it. He was used to her making the rules, and he liked that about her, as she rarely made many demands. Her only rule: Phones Off! It wasn’t hard to make this concession; she always chose a weekend to play and neither of them were critical people to their employers.

She was logical, and so easy to just be with. It was as if she could tell what he wanted, even before he knew it. He didn’t have to ask for a single thing, she prepared every aspect of her games. Control freak? Perhaps, but she never tried to force any of her ideals on him. She just gave and took pleasure, from a very willing partner. It was an arrangement, not a relationship.

He never understood why she didn’t want a real relationship. But his selfish male mind figured, “why mess with a good thing”. He knew how good he had it with her, and he always managed to be available for her. More than once, he broke plans with other girls just to see her. He never felt guilty for it, and he knew that he would always have a better experience with her anyway. He just couldn’t design a better woman, nor could he engineer a more fulfilling relationship… er arrangement.

This arrangement began as a friendship, but quickly morphed into a sexual, undefinable agreement. Even now, he could remember the chain of events that led to their current situation. They met through a mutual friend, hung out at her place a few times, and as soon as they had sex the first time, she suggested this deal. He was pleased by the experience they shared, and judging by her cries of “OH GOD!” he was quite sure she was too. He couldn’t remember the reasons why he didn’t try to tie her to him more permanently. She never asked for more, and didn’t seem to mind that he liked to go out more than she did. It was an almost perfect deal. No-strings sex with an amazing lover, and no need to endure drama. Yup, almost perfect…wpid-1vf0bqag95.png


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