It does exist. It just may not stay.


As female children we are bombarded with images and ideas of finding our prince, our knight, or for those of us who enjoy the fight, and aren’t squeamish about blood, there is the mobster or Viking Berserker to sweep us off our feet and take us away from the montony of house cleaning, nurse maiding, or diner waitressing. Suddenly, in his arms the world fits together, and even the birds sing songs of love all around you.

However, life generally steps in with a barrage of hormones, which render our brains useless. Kissing a girl in just the right way can make her swoon, and fall into your bed. Once you get her there what do you do? Fumble at awkward, inappropriate  jokes about sex, body parts, and  “this one crazy chick I used to date…”?


Come on guys and girls; step up your game! Geez, none of us are getting younger. But you will always wonder what if, if you don’t experience things. Go to the wrong parties. Have a series of hangovers. Sleep with more than one person before you decide to commit. I’m not advocating random- unprotected sex, nor do I think  people should play with drugs. Believe me, when the docs get their hands on you, you will have more pills than you can choke down!

I do however, believe experience, and knowledge of  relationships and the world are crucial to even the most mundane of pairings. Some people can’t stand to have sex with one another. Others are disgusted at the look of their spouse. My only advice….be absolutely sure that the person you commit to is worth your love and affection.  Be sure you are in the kind of relationship that makes you both happy. Be sure that no matter the situation, you can rely on your partner to love, honor, and protect you. And make sure they are a damn good lay.

Actually that last bit is meant for both of you.  Make sure the person who holds your heart, knows how to set your body on fire with passion! Make sure that you know exactly how to please them, and be open about ideas and experiences. Otherwise it’s a quick pump session on a Tuesday night every week, just to keep each other around. No passion, no fire, just a few grunts and then he rolls over and falls asleep.

That’s no fun for you, and it’s barely any fun for him. This does not a happy couple make…

But back to the what – if’s. What if that hottie that teaches yoga knows what it takes to make you scream with your whole body? What if the gentleman at the other end of the bar- hunched over his drink, just needs a woman to straighten his tie each morning,  and look at him with longing eyes? What if….just what if the unbelievable were true, and as you lock eyes with the guy at the sushi bar, you feel his fire flooding into you as he stares back?! And when you touch him, your body reacts to every minute movement.  Every tiny cell of your skin opens up to welcome him in.  Every breath you take, is only sustaining you, because you were meant to meet him. The one…YOUR one!

Your heart beats in his chest. Your blood is in his veins, and your bones beg to be near him, as your brain can see ONLY him. His name is everywhere. You ache to hear his voice. Your lips still burn from his kiss. AND HE RETURNS ALL OF THAT TO YOU!

Love at first sight exists. It is hard to find, and even harder to hold onto. My ONE left me. For all I know he is dead. And that kills me a little more each day. But if you are lucky enough to ever find it, never let go! It’s  purer than gold, as precious as ancient texts, and exists to remind you that you are an active part in the universe.  When you are together, the universe exists within the two of you.

Please love, and try to find your ONE!


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