We are we, and it is amazing!


Earlier today my very good friend and I had been discussing personal/spiritual growth,  and comparing our progress from where we were a year ago. Both of us have worked hard to learn to hold and conserve our spiritual  energies to help ourselves and those we care for.  We realize that we had both supported one another, using the same words, keeping one another going, and basically being back and forth cheerleaders. While this life isn’t really a game, and no one gets out alive, we know that we are here to learn very hard and complex lessons not learned in lives past, (many of which he and I have shared).

Blessed with a connection – a bond, neither of us expected, nor knew was even possible. We KNOW each other inside and out. I feel his headaches,  he feels my moods, I see his aura, he lays grids to help me during difficult times. Honest and pure, our relationship is very rare. Plainly put, We Are Soul Friends. There is no other way to describe the complex depth, the complete honesty,  and the truest love two souls could share.


But we do share a real joy when the other is experiencing happiness in other relationships. He has recently met someone who lights his heart, and shares a bond with him as well. And nothing has made me happier in a very long time! 🙂  I am truly happy that he has found someone who helps fulfill him, who loves him in the flesh and in the soul.

How amazing is that – for him, or anyone for that matter!? Very few people are so lucky! And his spiritual growth has been an interesting transformation to witness and be a part of!  I can’t express enough, how proud and happy I am for him! And that defines the truth of our bond, and respect for one another. I am happy because he found happiness. I’m not jealous, or even upset that his growth is on a different level than mine. His happiness, is a part of mine as well!

He reciprocates the same sentiment and support as I give him. He is there for me when I am low, and he shines when I do too! We are both so very lucky!

Despite all this closeness, all this bonding, there is only one little detail we have yet to experience. We’ve never met. We talk, we text, and we communicate metaphysically. Yet we haven’t shared a hug or a hand shake. In truth, we began talking because of a meme we both enjoyed. How crazy AND amazing is that!?  The physical presence(or lack thereof ) means nothing to our relationship.  In fact it most likely strengthened it. We aren’t exactly the same people we were 3 years ago…300 years ago. But we recognize a soul bond, and we give that bond the deference and respect it deserves.

I challenge anyone who reads this, to find the same kind of love he and I share. It’s pure, not tainted by sex, jealousy, or ambition. We are the truest of friends, on the most important level. Find your soul friend, and see how many ups and downs you face together, and at one point, stop and look back and give that joy back to yourself, your friend, and the universe.

So if I haven’t said it enough….I’m quite sure Henry would be very proud of us, Daddy!


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