Tag 3


She drifted from group to group, purposely drawing attention to herself in the most subtle ways. Barely speaking, but using the power of her feminine charms to catch glances, and hold longing stares with the men she “accidentally” bumped into; sharp but subtle, and highly effective. She was quickly gaining a following of a few attractive, and seemingly interested men. Good! She needed a crowd of them, if her plan was going to work.

She finally found a table in the back, whose party had vacated the booth. Perfect! From here she could scan the bar, and remain relatively covert until she found Him. It also placed her ,in what appeared to be, a vulnerable position. She would look alone and maybe a little lonely, pouting at the most appropriate moment, noticing a few eyes lingering on her. Just a small encouragement to some of those flirtatious men she tagged on her way to this position.

She slid into the booth, crossed her legs, and sat in the very center of the curving bench. She placed her drink, now half consumed, in front of her, pushed out just enough to show that she would soon need someone to purchase her another. Perhaps one of the men now watching her would have the balls to step up and order her something fun. Diet Coke was fine, but she planned on getting just the tiniest bit tipsy, and to do that she needed some actual alcohol.

She scanned the room one last time, and finally located His crowd. Like her, he sat in the middle of the booth, though He was surrounded by a mix of half-drunk men and women, carelessly flirting with one another. She knew He wouldn’t be able to stay away from the crowd that would inevitably gather around her. His curiosity, and His need to be involved with the best time at the party, would bring Him directly to her. She could wait Him out, and have fun in the process. Quickly she pulled her phone from her pocket, and texted him.

Sure enough, the first guy she tagged, stepped up to bat. He flashed a smile that showed his bright, white teeth and leaned over to speak. His voice was deep and rough, and had she not already planned to spend her night with someone else, this guy might have stood half a chance.

She was discerning, and cautious with her lovers. For the most part, she rarely engaged in sex with anyone, except the one she was meeting tonight. It just wasn’t smart for her to take on too many partners, and she couldn’t trust the others to be honest about their own sexual exploits. It was too risky, and not every man would willingly bend to her rules. Not that she made many, but the ones she insisted on were there for a reason. And they were not to be bent, or broken.

That was why the arrangement with Him was so perfect. They had fun, there were no consequences, and she knew he was trustworthy. When she made the rules, He followed, no questions asked. It was an excellent deal! He loved it too, she knew he did. She spent whole weeks, sometimes, planning and plotting the games, and the sex. Not that every step was planned, but the general progression would have been given ample consideration. She enjoyed sex- and even more, the sex with Him. But keeping herself in check, and making sure that she did not fall in love, was Priority One! Not that loving him would be difficult, but their separate, personal, social requirements could become an issue, and she didn’t like fighting.

Mr. Deep Sexy Voice, offered to buy her next drink, and she happily accepted, knowing that he would continue to ply her with drinks, hoping to take her home at the end of the night. He wouldn’t, of course, but he didn’t know that! It was a great way to spend the evening, catching sex coated looks from strangers, free drinks, a slight buzz, and tons of harmless flirting! This was fabulous! She seriously began to consider doing this more often.

She allowed the flirting from this man, and managed to flirt back, just enough to keep him interested. After all, her plan involved his attention, as well as that of at least seven other guys. As soon as her drink arrived, the second batter stepped up to the plate, offering his brand of charm, humor, and another drink.

In very little time she was laughing, mostly sincerely, at her two prospective suitors, knowing full well that she would leave them both in the dust when He finally noticed her.



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