About you


Fuuuuck! Where does one begin?

The messaging all day and night with you still has me smiling! Even while my car was being towed because of h’s fuck ups, I WAS smiling! He noticed, has noticed, and keeps asking if I’m feeling ok. ” uh yes dear. I’ve been talking to a hot, cocky, feisty  cherry bomb, AND I can’t wait to sink my teeth into him! ”

I mean, I hardly know you, but I feel the attraction, the pull. I know your adorable,  quirky psychotic tendencies, and I wanna slide my hands up your spine. I’ve seen your scars and tattoos, and my tongue aches to trace them.  I wanna grip that short hair between my claws. I can imagine riding you, while we exchange  blows, bites, and kisses.

If the day should come that we get to play, I want to leave us both thinner, AND fuller!  I want to sweat, and absorb you. I want to bleed you, and fill you with my own  salty chemicals. Break me down and build me up. Your stripes on my skin, your kisses left to burn. My skin calls to you, though I’m not sure you hear it, yet. Sometimes a girl needs a little violence in her life. Just helps all the other shit make sense!

So, about you….come and get me! I dare you!


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