WHAT THE F&$k is wrong with me?

I’ve been up way too late this evening. I began to cruise a particular social website, and saw a story I actually thought was compelling.  I read that one, then was lured in by all the Hollywood, gossipy, filth rag stories at the bottom of the page.

We all know about 75% of this “journalistic” garbage, is overblown, photoshopped, weapons- grade ballonium! But, still those rotten resources get clicked. I’m appalled at the number of taboo topics, which ordinarily do not matter to me, are on these ads! I mean, they are everywhere! My kids could easily click any combination of  picture posts, and be snagged into an article about a sex scandal, simply because he/she recognized the person they displayed as a cover!

Problem #1, it could have been about a sex scandal, WITH explicit details. Problem #2, the person on the cover isn’t usually involved with the article at all! Problem #3, I found myself sucked in! I don’t read tabloids. I do not subscribe to magazines, and I choose the few podcasts I listen to very carefully, as well as listening with headphones in.

I was mightily upset at myself when I realized I was not only clicking through the many pictures of so-called “fat” celebrities, but at my reaction to the overembellished captions included with each one!  At one point, I stopped reading and just looked at the pictures. That’s how dumb this kind of shit makes you!

I don’t do celebrity news, because…it isn’t fucking news!!! It’s glamorized tragedy, bottled up, and strategically placed so that the average American (I use my nationality as a baseline only), doesn’t give a shit about the rest of the world! If we would wake up, and pull our collective heads out of TMZ’ s arrogant ass, we might find more productive things to do with that time. We might actually learn to think for ourselves!

My 12 year old came home blathering nonsense about one of the top presidential prospectives. I didn’t bother to tell him he was wrong, or that I disagreed. I told him to visit the candidates’ websites, individually, and decide on the matters, platforms, and truths (cuz let’s face it, we don’t exactly have shining examples either way),  which were important to him. I told him, then showed him how to help educate himself.

I know he doesn’t get it yet, but celebrities are not what I consider to be real people. Not even reality stars! Surgery, fake body  enhancements, makeup that takes a crew to assemble each day, and a road construction crew to remove, just makes each of them more fake than the word ‘Celebrity’!

I’m sorry, but Honey Boo-Boo, Kardashians, housewives of celebrity/sports Stars, and I used to weigh a half a ton, but now I’m a size 4 people, lead unhealthy, unstable, and unattainable lives. I don’t watch the garbage, I don’t let my kids watch it. I want them to grow up knowing that they never need to try to measure up to psychotic, narcissistic people like that! My children will be given a strong foundation of self worth, and individuality to exercise their talents, and hopefully build proud, happy, productive lives!

Shame on tabloid reports. Shame on the masses that salivate for those details, and shame on me for clicking on that stupid article tonight! I am boycotting gossip, and celebrities. I cannot believe that I was sucked in!




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