Yes, it’s the 4th of July! For those of us who call the Land of The Free, home… this Day (or long weekend-for some), is generally celebrated with imported fireworks (at those extra high prices for the bigger booms), Gallons of imported alcohol, and quite possibly dishes which were pirated from Pinterest.

In fact, if you log on to your favorite social media site, you are almost certainly going to see pictures of one or all of those things plastered on each post of your ‘friends/followers’. Not a bad thing, simply the truth.

I remember hearing stories about the men and women who died to give us that freedom. And yes, they do deserve the respect this brand of self-indulgent, freedom! I have plenty of family members serving and who have served. They Do deserve respect no matter you views on the military or and war. The fact is every nation needs a standing Army, and military to defend it! Hey…we are Americans. The rest of the world hates us for our arrogance, and to be honest, I don’t exactly blame them.

First world issues hit us, and most will crumble into a puddle of our own piss, when it does! We can’t even get our own minds set on gun control, leaders, bathrooms, education, budgeting, homelessness, healthcare, public works, and a million other things. No wonder we look like idiots!

I keep my mouth shut when it comes to politics. Not even my family knows my leanings. Not that I see the world in a different light (even if I do), its simply that I find my ideals are my own. No one is entitled to the thoughts in my mind. I’m not one to trust easily, my husband doesn’t even know my views.

At any rate, freedom comes in many forms. For some its the freedom to construct a bunker in their backyard, and fully stock it with an arsenal of defense weapons. Though, others may choose to stockpile food and supplies to survive on. Others want to live with the love of their lives. And others still don’t really have those issues weighing us down, but we do worry about when/if/how we will feed and care for our family. Sorta makes gun control seem a little insignificant, by comparison.

Americans, have a short but proud history. Of course most of it is lies and scandal. But, a few men and women have managed to make their name, and mark on history, and actually teach us the true value of freedom, and the true meaning of being American. Look past the fiction of your high school history book, and try talking to someone who lived through those monumental times. Go to the library and look through the books that tell the story from another angle. Walk a few steps in the shoes of another. Donate blood. Volunteer at a nursing home, or homeless shelter. These are freedoms we all have, that cause no controversy, and yet typically go undone. Today, if nothing else…I plan to tell my children stories about our family.

Being a nearly 40 year old white woman in the south, we don’t have many traditions from “the old Country”. And while I have researched my family line (my Grandmother’s family was here from the beginning), I have many other avenues to go through, as well as that of my husband’s. I want my children to know their history, pass it down and keep the stories in their hearts, to remind them of the progress they have made…the progress this country makes as it grows and changes.

I send invitations to the Whitehouse for my kids’ birthday. To date…we have received one form letter response. Former President George W. Bush. In my opinion, his administration, no matter how low the person, was a respectable one! The current President, has had 7 years to send one of the form letters to my youngest. It makes his baby book incomplete. And THAT offends me!

Happy 4th!


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