Yeh it isn’t really a vacation, but a few days away from the kids is going to be good for me and my H, if I have to make to it so! I don’t care.

We have not spent a night alone in 4 years…think about it!!!!

No kids, no bed times, no wake up times, no people to feed except us. No work day, no school times, no practices, no bus to catch, no lunches to make, no laundry to do immediately, because someone forgot picture day!!!

I’m telling you just being alone is nice enough. We got to have a meal we didn’t have to cook, and because they screwed up on the rooms, we got a better room, with Free Champagne and strawberries that were waiting on us when we got back from dinner!!!!

Thank GODS My sister-in-law was able to come by and take care of our animals!!! Oh! Talk about a nightmare!!! We couldn’t find anyone to watch the dogs. the cats were fine, but the dogs could NOT be left alone for two whole days and nights!!!! That’s cruelty to animals, and I wouldn’t let it happen!

I asked everyone, and I didn’t want to have to ask my sisiter-in-law. I know its a long way for her to drive for work…I live in the middle of nowhere! But she was so super nice and was willing to help us out! Thank GODS!

She is visiting with my babies and making sure everyone is ok. I am worried about my dog being alone. He doesn’t handle being alone well. And my son’s kitten has to be left alone all day until she gets there. I feel so bad for them.

We got here about 7:00pm our time, and by 10:00 we were on the patio sipping champagne and eating strawberries…. Fantastic already and I haven’t had to really do anything… I really like that idea! No one else to yell at me to get up, no one saying they are hungry….just me and my HUSBAND alone, together. Its just a few days but it feels great!

That could be the bottle of champagne talking, but….who the fuck cares?! I feel good! I feel relaxed and so does my husband. And we are together! It doesn’t get better, truly!!!!!

P.S. please disregard grammatical errors….Champagne…..


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