Did I enter the old west?

I live in Texas, and yes most people think of this place as the old west, anyway. The stereotype being we all have arsenals, horses, and cows. That we are some variety of cartoon character Sheriff, who doesn’t know what crime really looks like. That we are all hunters and kill for sport, not survival. That we all have Rifle racks in the back of our 4 wheel drive trucks.

Honestly, I don’t know anyone like that! I live in a gun free home. However, I do know how to shoot, and while my shots tend to be inacurate, I can certainly hit whatever is coming at me with a shotgun!

MY husband and I choose not to have guns in our house until our kids are old enough to understand the responsibility, and danger involved with guns. Its not that we were taking some political stand, or trying to cut through the stereotype. We simply see it as a way to keep our Special Needs children from making a horrible mistake.

Yes, there are gun safes, and all sorts of ways people choose to hide, and secure their arms. That’s all well and good. I am looking at a bigger picture. My kids have been around guns all their lives, they know they are dangerous, and they are mostly afraid of the noise. But they also know not to play around with them. They have a safe place to practice, to learn, and when the time comes, to choose for themselves if they want a gun, or guns of their own.

The current rash of gun violence here in Texas, has been appalling! It’s not like we all walk around looking for targets. It’s not a road rage thing. Hell, they aren’t even crimes of passion. It’s a select few people who have breakdowns, get crazy ideas in their heads, and for whatever reason choose to act out in a violent and horrific way! To be frank, most Texans view those people as terrorists. It’s not about Black lives Matter, or White lives Matter, it’s not even an All Lives Matter issue. In every population there will always be a radical offshoot. Not every Muslim is a terrorist. Not every white is a racist. Not every black has a criminal record. Not every Hispanic is illegally here!!!

I may not be highly educated, but even my mind can comprehend the subsequent backlash from all this violence. And quite honestly, no legislation on gun control is going to make any difference. If a person wants a gun, they will get it. If a person wants drugs, they will find them. And if a person is crazy enough to kill, they will!

I am a Texan. Born and raised. And I have no desire to hunt, kill, or judge anyone. It simply isn’t my place. I live as I choose to. I expect others will do the same. But I cannot Make anyone do what I want them to do!!! I can’t even get my kids to clean their rooms properly. I couldn’t even organize a group of angry Moms to start drinking! My voice will change nothing. And my vote….let’s be honest here (the upcoming election is a farce, and an out of control media driven nightmare), won’t matter. Although I will vote. It is my civic duty, just like Jury Duty. I will be there at the polls.

But People, Gun control isn’t the issue. Violent people do violent things, when they want to. It could just as easily have been a lead pipe, a 2×4, or a nail gun that any of those people used to commit their crimes! Fists are on every one of us, and are just as easily used for violent means. Are we going to glove every hand, or cut them off? Ridiculous!!!

Don’t forget the tragedies. Learn from them educate yourselves, and stop being ignorant about the real issues.



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