When you know your son is a geek…

Not very long ago, my oldest son became aware of the opposite sex. I knew it would happen and his curiosity would naturally lead him to either ask questions, or seek out answers from the all knowing internet and GOOGLE!

His friends had already been asking such questions. I was recently on the phone with one worried mom who actually caught her son masturbating! I was relieved it had not happened to me first, but of course (as a friend), I had to help calm her down. Still having had no experience in the actual pond of mothering for this situation. I was working the listening side of myself to calm her, knowing that I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to about this kind of thing…at least not yet.

I grabbed my son’s phone and checked his search history…”Naked Big Boobs”!!!!
Only searched once, and mingled in with searches for Halo and Pokemon drawings. Lots and lots of drawings of Pokemon and Halo Characters. I checked every day for about two weeks. He didn’t seem to look at “Naked Big Boobs” any more, or had at least learned to erase that from his history. Either way, I felt like I was skipping some much anticipated awkwardness with my son!

Surprise! I opened up Netflix on my television, and noticed my profile had been changed to the KIDS setting. Odd, but not anything I hadn’t already had experience with. I changed the setting, and began surfing. flip…flip…flip…

Documentaries are always getting watched at our house. So naturally, they were arranged in sub-genres. Alien, Reality, Sports, Science…and so on. I just happened to pull up “Reality” and began sorting through all manner of topics I was easily uninterested in. Then a certain documentary beginning with the word “Naked…” comes up, and shows as if approximately 20 minutes had been watched. OK…Maybe hubby watched it and lost interest. So I asked, he said he hadn’t even seen it on his profile. So process of elimination led us to our sons.

It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for either of them to be curious and try to get away with something naughty. My concern was, “what had he seen?”, I mean if it was just tits and ass, then it wasn’t really a big deal. If he had seen the actual pornographic scenes, then that might warrant a conversation.

So we back tracked….

OMFG!!! The first few scenes were women professing to love “Fucking”, and/or “Dicks”. Not a happy mommy at this point!!! Then the director moves on to the Adult Video Awards…or basically Porn-CON, for us normals! The people featured in this film were not what I would consider “normal”. And I am a very accepting person. I don’t judge. People do what they do, because that’s what they like. No biggie.

However, to 12 year old, pubescent eyes and mind, these things are not what I would ever want my kids to see or process until at least they were old enough to earn the money to purchase the items and/or services presented!!!! I certainly don’t want to know about it!!!

So they trot out a few anal plugs, and vibrators…big whoop! I got those aplenty! Sex dolls…edging very close to the line with that. Then here comes good Old Japan, and all its wacky-sexy ideas!!! A rocket engineer decided to stop making plain, old, ordinary rockets, and decided the world needed a briefcase full of rockets that are attached to dildos!!! Yup, “Fuck Rockets”, with multiple speeds, lights, and vibratory modes!

OMG! My son saw this!

After my initial shock, I asked if he watched it. Of course he Lied (thankfully), and told me no. I accepted the lie, because I wanted to. Then I realized that it was entirely my own fault!

A week ago, I gave him an encyclopedia of the human body. And yes, It included pictures and illustrations, of BOTH sexes. It covered puberty, copulation, conception and birth.



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