Psychoses In Pooh…

As I love to read, and I especially appreciate older, classic books, I recently found myself re-reading a dusty copy of the original Winnie the pooh series, as created by Milne and Cummings. Not that I have issues with the Mouse House Version, I read those books to my children. However, I noticed, having dealt with my own mental health issues, that these characters are chock-a-block full of their own little issues.

And yet, The Hundred Acre Wood still functions as an adorably sweet society. Every quirk and compulsion accepted as simply “normal”. This is not so in our real world, which is likely why children adore the stories and adventures. Everyone gets to be themselves, and feel no reproach for doing so.

Let’s begin…at the beginning.

Pooh, a charming little character, none can deny. However, if he were a person in this world he would likely have been labeled. His love of honey – Eating disorder. His forgetfulness and constant “think-think-think-ing” – A.D.D. His need for loves and cheerfulness, would likely land him on the Autism spectrum. Not to mention his home being labeled as “Mr. Sanders”, makes me think perhaps he forgot his own home, or is simply a squatter! Yet, he is simply “Oh Pooh!” Of course, the lack of chickens in The Hundred Acre Wood, could mean that Mr. Sanders simply moved on and became “Colonel Sanders”.

Piglet, you darling thing! Scared of everything and needing comfort. Honey, you got G.A.D. All his friends care for him. They work to calm him, and even accept his delusion that “Trespassers Will”, was his relative. Sorry sweetie, you need help.

Rabbit…Oh Bother! Its obvious he is an obsessive, farming, vegan. No problems there. Good health and likely provides food for all his friends, begrudgingly -I’d assume. However, he shows definite and clear signs of O.C.D. Everything must be just so, and he must always be correct. I know so many people like this! Even his compulsions seem to somehow make him an overall grumpy sort of guy!

Owl…Dear, old Owl. So wise…in a Cribb’s Notes, Reader’s Digest sort of way. He can recite (incorrectly) any literature put in front of him. His memory is like a steel (lobster) trap. And he is always the one the others seek out for solutions, however misguided and/or affable that advice may be. His strong desire to be revered, is a charming form of narcissism. You go Owl!

Kanga and Roo, the ever loving mother, and the always inquisitive child. My only findings here are that Perhaps her apron is covering some stretch marks. And there could be a touch of an oedipal complex, when it comes to Tigger.

Eeyore…oh you poor dear. Depression, and denial have run over you like a Mack Truck! You live in a house made of sticks, which constantly fall down. Your only joy comes from blowing dandelions in the breeze. And for goodness sake, Dude! Your tail is always falling off! You actually have a reason to feel the way you do! It’s a good thing you have such friends to help you keep it all together!!!

And finally we have Tigger! Always super happy! Bouncin’, Trouncin’, and generally being his regular, blissfully ignorant self! Slightly Narcissistic, though I suspect that is more of a coping mechanism, as he seems to also have long term memory loss. Why not make yourself so much more of a character, when you don’t even know where you come from? A.D.H.D is definitely running rampant all over his little brain. He has no real sense of the world around him, or the destruction he rains down upon his other friends. Its all “Me, me, me”! I’m thinking a tad bit sociopathic as well. It only matters to Tigger, that Tigger has fun!

On the whole, this dysfunctional group of pals seem to balance out and live well on their own. Not to mention the possible use of magic mushrooms, which would explain the Heffalumps and Woozles they all share a fear of….


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