I’m the Mother of a teen Boy…

My oldest son just turned 13 this weekend. Omg! Where has the time gone?! He was just a baby only a heartbeat ago! 
I realize every mother goes through this, and we all reminisce about those days when they loved ONLY Mom, or kissed and hugged us on purpose.  But his hugs and kisses need to be almost dragged out of him these days. I read some research that stated boys will reach an age where the pheromones we give off triggers their brain/ body to be repelled by us.  I almost curled into a ball crying!  He’s MY boy!
So To help lift my spirits and be less repulsive, I allowed him to skip school and we went to see his first pg-13 movie with his best friend. I thought I was totally the cool mom, skipping school, being truant, AND seeing a kick-ass movie, with giant sized popcorn  and smuggled in candy! I know it’s not a big deal to bunk off every now and then, but damn! I thought it would help him earn cool points at school!
He gave, not a fuck! He was definitely  excited and happy, but never caught on the whole school skipping, and candy smuggling. I was a cool mom, in my head for about 10 minutes, until he opened his big fat mouth and asked me why we were going on a Friday….

I promise I m trying to toughen him up, and let him break arbitrary  rules. Hopefully, this makes him cool-er. But alas, my boy is blinded by the moment, and not seeing that he might be getting teased. I hope he isn’t being teased, anyway. Although, being oblivious might be a good thing too…

I don’t know. I’m just trying to help him navigate the murky waters of adolescence. I wish his dad would take more time with him, I learned the “mean girls” side of things, which is more emotionally scarring!  Though, I really do  think the boys his age are completely clueless. And I’m not completely sure they ever grow out of it!

I miss the days when it was all, sleepovers and pizzas! This is somewhat more complicated, and delicate. 

I’m not ready!


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