Was I high?!

I’ve been trying to live a more active life. I take walks, I eat less, drink more water, (perhaps a bit more wine too). Whatever you may think of my life, I am trying to make more of an effort to be active. Even if it is only mopping the floors, or folding clothes. Its more than I’ve done on a daily basis, since my breakdown.

However, as my husband brings up Jenny Craig, and weight watchers frequently, I realize his snide remarks are his way of motivating me. (I hope!)  His sympathy for my struggle is somewhat less  than heartfelt. He keeps candy next to the bed, and frequently eats pounds of it in a single sitting.  I don’t begrudge him his vice, I just try to keep my hands busy and drink more spring water.

When I had my last long walk (a lot less than long, really), I noticed quite quickly the burn and stretch in my calves. At first I assumed it was just part of getting back in the groove of walking again. However, that sensation stayed in my calves. Not adding any to my thighs, or hips. Just localized in my calves.

This led me to believe I should take longer steps. I shortly realized that too, made no difference. I’m quite sure my neighbors got a show, watching me trying to re-learn a proper powerwalk!

Bending my arms at the elbows, huffing and puffing, and trying to get a good footing on very uneven ground provided for an odd looking physical application to the Ministry of Silly Walks!  (showing my age)

At any rate, I eventually realized that I wasn’t swinging my hips, or flexing my butt cheeks! Walking may come easy to some, but I felt like I’d recently had my hips replaced with non-moving  metal parts! So I now have to make a conscious, and concerted effort to swing and flex when I walk! Where did my swagger go?

Not to be beaten by booty flexes and burning calves, I decided to try an indoor mini workout. I am a huge fan of BBT, and I just happened upon a few workouts based on the show, i.e. when this happens on the show, you do X exercise.

I squeezed into my sports bra, which was so tight the “girls” could barely move, but I could feel the circulation in my back fat being restricted! Oh well, at least I wouldn’t get any added boob droopage! I started a show in season two, sure to incorporate more actions and movements. Yay!


30 jumping jacks, Why can’t I stay balanced???

30 more jumping jacks. Fuck moving my arms, let my legs do the heavy lifting!

What the hell is a mountain climber? Or a reverse crunch?

Was I high when I decided this was a good idea?!?! 

Lesson learned…stick to funky walking!!!


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