My Comedian Fetish…

I have always been the kind of girl who loves to laugh! I didn’t discover real comedy until my teens, and the few guys who could make me laugh. Looking back, I’d probably have slept with them, simply because they were so staunchly different from the guy I was dating. He never put much value in humor back then. No idea what he is like now.

But comedians just really juice me up! Omg! I have a major crush on Louis C.K.  And I’m not sure if its his sense of humor, his insights on parenting, or the fact that I wanna climb him like a tree and just rock his world. Perhaps, that’s a bit too colorful…

At any rate, sign me up Louie!

I find myself thinking about WB a lot lately. It makes me sad and lonely. I mean I know I won’t love anyone the way I do him. And I also know that I will never see him again. It keeps me from opening up to anyone else. Which is probably a good thing.

We were the exact same person when we were together. Everything, every decision, every insecurity, all of it was felt between us both simultaneously. And even though I dont know if his love was real, for me it was, and nothing else compares to the first time we touched. Those are my memories. No one can take them and even he cant deny the instantaneous rush of real, true love between us at that moment.

Regrets? Only that I didn’t stay the first time. Not that either of us would know what to do about that situation. If I never came back home, I’d still have him. 

I cannot change the past. But he too made me smile. For ev
ery possible reason.


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